Recruting and Hiring in the Capitol City

As residents of the fourth largest economy in the U.S., individuals who are without a job and living in the Washington D.C. area may be able to alter their unemployment status by starting a conversation. Ever heard of an executive recruiter? Often referred to as “headhunters”, executive recruiters are knowledgeable of the business world and intricacies of the hiring process. What do they do? While it is necessary to maintain a sense of professionalism, the recruiters are not the employers. Executive recruiters are the middleman between their clients, often companies and businesses like Korn Ferry headed by Nels Olson, and the prospective employee. They maintain associations with clients in practically every sector of the job market. A successful executive recruiter will have great attention to detail and impeccable communication skills, both necessary for a liaison in the working world. By meeting with the client, the recruiters find out exactly what qualifications a desirable candidate will have. They work to create a mold, based on various criteria, which candidates will fill during the search process. These recruiters can also adapt their search according to specific needs or desires of the prospective employee, such as salary, hours per week, or location. Essentially, executive recruiters can eliminate days and weeks of fruitless searching, by connecting unemployed individuals with a job or potential career that fits. Who are they? Knowing the best options for executive recruiters is of equal importance to knowing their process. In the Washington metropolitan area, there are many options available for executive recruiting organizations with a diverse client list. Basing the search process on the principles of experience and scope will likely result with the most suitable options. Boyden, located off Connecticut Avenue in D.C., maintains a strong presence within the city as well as throughout the globe. This is a testament to their 70 years’ experience in over 40 countries. JDG Search has built their company on a consistent reputation of success over the last 40 years. Concentrated largely in the D.C. area, this organization would be another astute choice, as their extensive client list (linked above) connects most of the United States. Making the choice. If you are living in the Washington...

How Top Executives Search for Jobs

Top executives have worked years with other business professionals in many different positions. They can effectively communicate with friends, colleagues, or head hunters (Nels Olsen) to further their career.

Sundar Pinchai’s New Team at Alphabet

Since Google completely overhauled its corporate structure, announcing that Larry Page would become the CEO of a new parent company called Alphabet, Sundar Pichai is more important than ever.

Williams Mullen: Over 100 years of Finding Yes

Williams Mullen: Over 100 years of Finding Yes

Mar 27, 2015

In just Super Lawyers alone, individual attorneys from Williams Mullen get recognized for their superior skill and commitment each year. In 2011, in fact, almost 50 lawyers from Williams Mullen were named Super Lawyers, including Doug Nabhan (Super Lawyers profile) for his expertise in employment and labor law, and 35 Rising Stars.

18 Forum Lane to Welcome PwC in Summer 2015

18 Forum Lane to Welcome PwC in Summer 2015

Feb 27, 2015

Dart Realty, owned by Ken Dart looks to incorporate innovations in energy efficiency in each part of Camana Bay’s 50-year growth plan. In addition to its LEED qualities, 18 Forum Lane is also in close proximity to some of the Caribbean’s top options for dining, living, shopping, and entertainment.