Cunningham Energy to Further Utilize West Virginia Oil Opportunity

Private oil and gas producer, Cunningham Energy recently announced plans for drilling in Clay County, West Virginia. This means that the area that has been talked about since the 80s, the Big Injun Sand formation, will continue to strive towards its full potential.

Four newly planned horizontal wells in the Lion’s Paw pad will assist Cunningham Energy in developing the promises of the formation. Cunningham Energy has been working in this area for several months, currently finishing up their Dragon’s Breath wells and having completed their Rhino drilling program.

“The company is seeing excellent oil shows and reservoir characteristics…the Big Injun formation has been nothing short of spectacular so far,” Ryan Cunningham said last May.

Today, the company looks forward to utilizing one of their Speedstar 185 top drive drilling rigs in these new wells. “Cunningham Energy is continuing to develop this promising new play in West Virginia at a rapid pace,” expressed Cunningham.