How Top Executives Search for Jobs

Top business professionals often must transition from their high-level positions to find work elsewhere. Whether moving locations or changing job emphasis, top executives face great competition to maintain the career status they have worked hard to achieve, especially in competitive business areas such as Washington D.C. By becoming a top executive, they have begun building the resources necessary to search for further jobs.

Use Their Network

Top executives have worked years with other business professionals in many different positions. They can effectively communicate with friends, colleagues, or head hunters (Nels Olsen) to further their career. Often, they can offer reliable recommendations, or they can refer you to available positions they have recognized. LinkedIn is a valuable social media service focused on connecting professionals. This networking tool allows you to see who your connections are connected to, providing to with the essential inside person to get the job you are looking for.

Market Themselves

While marketing their business and their products, top executives have gained valuable experience in making their market drawn to what they are selling. Top executives can reuse those talents at Korn/Ferry to remarket themselves. They can highlight their target audience (employers), identify their needs and market themselves as the best solution. Selling yourself as the most cost-efficient solution to a problem is a top executive’s best tool when searching for a job.

Focus on Their Achievements

To get to be a top executive, they had to have achieved some feats and earned some awards. When searching for jobs, top executives can explain what they have done in their career, and what they hope to do in the future. Further employers will see the success they have obtained and will trust they can emulate that success with their own business.

Research Companies

After years of serving at the top, executives understand the needs corporations will have. They understand the strengths and weakness that companies are looking at when hiring. Top executives research the companies they apply at and analyze the market to see where best their skills will be needed.


Becoming a top executive takes time. Most top executives have reached an older age meaning more experience and more knowledge gained. Instead of avoiding concerns such as age, top executives market their age by focusing on the advantage their characteristics will bring a company. Tell your story and what you have learned. Show what you have learned from your mistakes and how they have shaped your career.