PayPal Team of Israelis Battle Fraud

PayPal is a company that has over 150 million users, that make over 10 million financial transactions each day. The company makes it easy for people to shop online, and the goal is to offer people protection, along with hassle free transactions.

To ensure that these 150 million users stay safe, PayPal has hired an Israeli defense forces intelligence group of 100 people to handle their online security standards and precautions. Every user 2014 that shops online is at the risk of identity theft, or can fall victim to fraudulent transactions. This new team is working to prevent this from happening to PayPal users.

PayPal is available for many different currencies and countries. There are some countries that use PayPal for 20 percent of their total online commerce transactions, and that rely on this online source for economic survival. The diversity of users is what makes it so difficult to detect fraud. wholesale jerseys It can be hard to decipher if someone using different currencies, or making transactions from different geographical locations is doing something fraudulent, or if they have relocated or are traveling.

Someone who normally resides in the United States, but is on business in History China, could be using their credit card from a Chinese server. The safety team has to catch this transaction, to determine if this is a case of stolen identity, or if the appropriate user is the responsible shopper. The team is studying human behavior, meeting with real life hackers to get the inside details of fraudulent transactions, and is diligently watching user t?rténelme transactions, without invading privacy every day.

Catching hackers and those committing Internet fraud can be incredibly difficult. You can target the computer or location where the 1月 fraud took place, but you can’t always confirm who was sitting in front of the computer.

The company’s largest corporate center is the location in San Jose California, but this security development center in Israel is now the second largest location. The unit had just 35 people when it started in 2009, and now has over 120 employees at the Israel location. PayPal expects their security features, customer satisfaction and their security team to continue to grow.

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