Tactical nylon from Atlantic Diving Supply

Tactical nylon from Atlantic Diving Supply
Tactical nylon is some of the most resilient material on earth. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t be found in the U.S. military. Our defense budget isn’t limitless and anything the government spends money on is expected to last. ADS Tactical has been supplying Navy Seals and the rest of our military with the tactical equipment they need for more than 20 years. Any company that can keep a government contract that long is worth doing business with.

Nylon doesn’t weigh much, is compressible for easy storage and the list of things it can be made into is nearly limitless. If your looking to get your moneys worth on equipment you can expect to last, check out the following examples of what’s available in tactical nylon these days.

USMC packs that have PALS webbing for attaching modular pouches. Comes with an external frame and the harness is adjustable. Designed with two compartments which are separated by a shelf, one measures 3,400 cubic inches and the other 1,600. This pack has an internal pocket for radios and also includes two each hydration and sustainment pouches.

This Enhanced Warfighter Deployment Bag’s main compartment and bottom come lined for strength and against bad weather. Heavy duty handles are padded for easy carry, two large exterior pouches can each hold one pair of combat boots, interior comes with 4 large mesh pockets and the whole thing only weighs 5.6 lbs. This bag makes good use of every one of its 10,052 cubic inches.

The Air Force Sling Kit is designed to be compatible with vest straps. This sling kit features “quick adjust technology” and also has a pouch to hold the kit. Buttstock pouches attach to any standard adjustable M4 CAR buttstocks and has no problem holding the sling or M4 Mag. Two point sling is generic and made to fit most weapons with the included triglides. Will fit on any armor carrier or MOLLE vest.

The three above are a small sample of the many uses for quality tactical nylon. You don’t have to be in the military to invest in decent gear, you just need to care about getting quality goods built for endurance and that’s what you find at Atlantic Diving Supply.