Technology Moving Forward

It just never fails; you need to make a phone call, but you realize that your battery is so low that the the important call you need to make may get cut off. You think to yourself, “With technology at the level it is, why can’t I recharge my cell phone quickly?”

StoreDot is reading your mind

StoreDot is an Israeli technology company founded by Dr. Doron Myersdorf, Prof. Simon Litsyn, and Prof. Gil Rosenman. StoreDot impressed many just recently at the Think Next Microsoft Conference held in cheap mlb jerseys Tel Aviv. With a battery pack, charger and an energy depleted Samsung Galaxy S4 smart-phone, StoreDot showed off their newest miracle. The phone was completely charged in less than 30 seconds.

This amazing technology will most likely not be released to the general public until 2016, but know that you can look forward to it.

Longer Life

Many wonder just how will the batteries be able to withstand such a quick charge The and still hold their life. StoreDot company officials claim the batteries will be able to handle many of these quick charges, and their life-cycle will be as good, if not better than existing cell phone batteries.


The company admits that a very large Asian cell phone manufacturer is one of StoreDot’s main investors, but it also seems others want this technology to move further than cell phones. It seems StoreDot received another $6,000,000 in funding to further develop this technology.


Currently, the charger Fans is about the size of a charging system for a laptop computer, but in interviewing StoreDot’s magicians, they And claim they will be able to shrink the size substantially. Estimated cost at this point is around $30.


These batteries developed by StoreDot are made of organic compounds mixed with the traditional lithium used on PayPal regular batteries. In layman’s terms, the organic “dot compounds” work as super-fast conductors, while the lithium is used with a slow release. This idea has been on minds for a few years, but it took the experts at StoreDot to find the correct compounds and methods.