Tourism in Israel Hits All Time High

According to the Israel Government’s Ministry of Tourism , 2013 Tourist Arrivals have set a new high record. Over 3.54 Million Tourists visited the country in 2013.

2.9 million of those stayed for more than a day. As expected the highest number came from US and surprisingly close to American numbers were Russians Tourists. France, Germany, Italy and Ukraine followed suit.

The industry generated a total of $11.5 billion dollars, a small reduction from what was earned in 2012. The main attraction themes were archaeological, heritage, eco-tourism and religious.

Most of the visitors who stayed overnight visited one of the country’s five major Tourism regions. Jerusalem is the obviously the most popular city. The reason is, it offers a melting pot not just for the regional culture but also for western influences. From authentic Jewish and Persian cuisines, to historical sites and modernized architecture this city is the place to be. It also show cases Israel exceptionalism, because apart from being among the oldest cities in the world. It is the center of the world’s three greatest religions ; Islam, Christian and Judaism.

Another area that received lots substantial number of tourists include Tel Aviv, the capital city and Israel’s government seat. Traditionally, Tel Aviv has been a big attraction city, with the number of Visitors reached 2.7 Million in 2011. The heart of Israels innovation Tel Aviv has repositioned itself as the center of business and finance. It is easily the convergence zone for regional and global business. Most people visiting Israel for business visited Tel Aviv’s. This city has an ever growing population and upto 45% of Israel residents living in this city.

There has been many media programs to help sell Israel as a tourist destination and the blitz is paying back. High profile ads sponsored by travel and tourism agencies have been set up online. Information websites for would-be tourists have provide exciting destination options and it is easy to see why the number of visitors has increased.

Other areas received a share of their visitors but if 2014 continues the previous years trends, tourists will eventually match the population numbers.