UAS and Counter-UAS Industry Day To Reveal Technology

MQ-9 ReaperAn industry day is a chance for the United States military to present various requirements to those who might be able to meet those needs. This means that there are numerous representatives in attendance taking notes. The Atlantic Diving Supply company, aka ADS Inc, is now ready to hold the first ever Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Counter UAS Industry Day, and it will be taking place on November 7th and 8th 2017. Virginia Beach has been chosen as the setting for this game-changing event.

The unmanned aircraft systems have become some of the most important innovations in recent years, and this includes the unmanned aerial vehicle that is commonly part of a larger system. These UAVs come in various shapes and sizes while also having differing degrees of autonomy so that some are capable of flying themselves using onboard computers while others require a bit of human interaction in order to get going. The functional duties of UAS generally fall into these set of categories: reconnaissance, target and decoy, combat, logistics, civil and commercial, and research/development.

So, while most of them start off in some branch of the military doing specific tasks they are now becoming even more popular in the civilian sector as well. The jobs that these drones and vehicles did use to have to be too dangerous or ‘dirty’ for humans, but now they are making their presence known everywhere. This industry day is an important opportunity for those interested in the field to be able to network and make the contacts necessary so that they can provide the technology through their manufacturing and such.

It will be an interesting day because of the fact that there will be numerous demonstrations of some of the latest in unmanned aircraft system models while there will also be some introduction of the counter UAS technology for one of the first times. Reps will get to see it up close and personal so that they can get a better feel for what is going to be used to prevent others from spying on the country with UAS.

It is an exciting time to be anyway involved in UAS and counter UAS technology. All of the major companies will be at the ADS industry day so that knowledge can be exchanged and everyone will be able to leave with a total overview of the future in regards to the skies.