Westfield Century City Mall: A Revolutionary Upgrade

Westfield Century City Mall, in the Century City district of Los Angeles, has recently completed its 2 year renovation and expansion project. Planned in 2009, but finally actualized in 2015 and completed in 2017, this project released in three phases and included many changes and additions. This revolutionary expansion can be summed up by a quote from CEO Peter Lowy, “The mall design is meant to be a sanctuary. A place you will go that is soft, relaxing and you do what you want at your own pace.”

For visitors, the first thing they will probably notice is the changes to the parking. There are five valet stations where a valet will park your car. However, there is also another service, which you can sign up for online. That one grants you a reserved parking spot near the entrance. This service not only means you don’t have to trust a valet with your car, but the process is entirely digital, so you won’t be delayed getting into or out of the mall.

Inside the mall, there are over two hundred new stores and restaurants that customers can visit, including Los Angeles’ first Eataly. The entire mall, however, is not just food and shopping. There is a gym, a boxing studio, along with medical facilities and a state of the art theater. Outside of the three-story structure, there is a space known as the Atrium, which will hold concerts, shows, and events.

There is a lot at the Westfield Century City, however, visitors may be happy to know this expansion was designed to subvert what one would expect from a regular, everyday mall. Unlike a usual mall, has lots of comfortable seating (not just hard benches) and areas designed for relaxation. Lining the corridors and spaces are over a hundred types of wooden furniture and even hammocks, specifically made to pamper the visitor. Visitors will feel no rush to shop and leave because a goal of the plan was to create a relaxing atmosphere that invited people to linger and enjoy their time.

Not all will be visible to your average visitor though. One of the most interesting additions to the mall is a VIP service, that includes private elevators, lounges, and receive private and personalized services from stores and restaurants. Concierges can lead VIP’s to any store and amenity, through a private elevator system. Members of this service can also gain off-hours access to stores. This is an unique feature to the Westfield Century City Mall, likely due to its proximity to Hollywood and one that aims to separate this luxury mall from its competition.