Westfield Corp: A Real Estate Powerhouse

Westfield Corporation is a very successful development company headquartered in New South Wales, Australia with retail destinations in London, New York, Illinois, Florida and all throughout California. They have a very powerful portfolio that consists of 34+ centres, along with their subsidiary company Scentre Group, which has locations all over Australia and New Zealand. Westfield is well known for providing high end retail development districts to many major cities all over the world. Westfield’s portfolio consists of superior design, construction, marketing, managing, and leasing. There have been 400 million individuals and counting that utilize their retail space generating an astounding $17 billion dollars. They continue to be a part of the social fabric of high end development real estate, commercial and retail projects.

Westfield is one of the leading professionals of retail development with an ability to combine entertainment, fashion, leisure, and food to attract consumers to unique retail. They produce an economic stronghold with each development project and Westfield meets the highest expectations of modern consumers with a luxury design. They have used technology to bridge the gap between the consumer and real estate. You’ll experience a breathtaking shopping and leisure experience. There are partnerships in their portfolio which are in conjunction with other leading development institutions.

Westfield Corporation’s CEO’s Peter Lowy and Steven Lowy have done a substantial amount of work to help the company grow in the past couple of years including building lasting professional relationships, acquiring new retail property, securing resources, and exploring new opportunities in a different market. Their contribution resulted in a remarkable first quarter report. UCLA recently invited Peter Lowy to attend as a keynote speaker during an event for the Anderson Forecast. He spoke about the possibility of transforming property development across the globe and securing economic success. They have a total of 34+ malls, 6,480 retail outlets, and a portfolio estimated at $30.1 billion dollars. They are proudly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Their new developments are edgy and meet the demands of shopping energetic professionals. Westfield Corporation has future stakes in the World Trade Center in NYC. It is set to redefine how you look at lower Manhattan. There will be over 350,000 square feet with a unique blend of local and global retail. There will be endless must-see events, dining, shopping, business, retail, technology, culture, entertainment, and more. Westfield Corporation also has future innovative development plans in Los Angeles, California and Milan, Italy.